LBNL and USAID Power Tunisia Partner to Cut Emissions in Tunisia’s Hotel Sector

Energy consumed by Tunisian hotels accounts for one quarter of the final energy consumed in the Tunisian services sector and is growing by 5.5% annually. On March 7th, LBNL and Power Tunisia organized a workshop and gained concurrence from ANME and the Tourist Hotel Federation (FTH) to jointly implement a Tunisia Net Zero Energy (NZE) Hotels Challenge. As a result of the Challenge, FTH members (which account for 450 hotels nationally) will receive training and technical assistance from LBNL and USAID Power Tunisia to cut energy consumption and GHG emissions by at least 10% annually and advance toward NZE. 

So what? Cutting GHG emissions in the Tunisian hotel sector will help the country to meet its climate goals to reduce total carbon intensity in the energy sector by 46% by 2030.